Help Requested

A dear friend of Eric Barger, Pastor Kevin Inman, has lost everything in the recent Houston hurricane/flooding. His house was literally broke in half and everything was totally lost. You may have seen a couple of interviews that Eric has done with Pastor Kevin on Eric's Youtube TV channel. There has been a GoFundMe page setup on Pastor Kevin's behalf. Pastor Kevin continues to help his congregation through this devastating ordeal even though he and his family also try to recover from the ordeal themselves. If you would like to help Pastor Kevin and his family through this time in some small way please click this link.

Yes I would like to help. 

Current Seminar

Our next event is to be determined.

Please continue to check back for any updates.

Website Updated

When you navigate to the Resources Page you will notice a navigation page available to some Audio files we have made available.

Please check them out.


New in the series from The Fuel Project. We have also added a link to The Fuel Project website on our resources page. They have a lot of interesting stuff available.


Check this out. This is session 18 of the new series from The Fuel Project and it is so relevant to us right now.